Real Cricket’14 Teaser

People’s Choice Indie Game of the Year

So we showed up at NGDC and picked up the People's Choice Indie Game of the Year award. Thanks to Nasscom and all those who noticed the effort put behind the game and appreciated and voted for "Song of Swords".

Real Cricket’14 Sneak Peak

Our Studio: NautilArt # 1


After Blackberry, Lets go to Windows Phone and iOS

After our successful attempt with blackberry. We are heading towards Windows Phone. It seems to excite us as its a new OS for us to port on. We are always on to try something new. And also there are huge number of gamers waiting for us to port the game. For both iOS and Windows. Our praisers called us and here were are making that possible. We will keep you updated about Porting.

Dev Diary: Testing Song of Swords on IOS

We have got Iphone 4, Iphone 5 and Ipad. Luckily we could manage to use our old resources for Iphone 5. For Iphone 4 and Ipad, we have to reformat textures , checking memory allocations , etc. Apple devices are very strictly structured with terms and condition of Apple Inc. We really have to push hard sometimes to make sure the game is working Optimized. But then if we don't who's gonna make Queen Anna breaking monsters head with her Hammer. :P

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